This is a disclosure required by federal law which is intended to tell you:

 Where we get information about you (our sources)
 What we do to protect the information we have about you
 What our policy is about sharing information about you with others

Who You Are
This policy applies to you if you are a customer of ours.  A customer is a natural person (not a ) who - for personal, family, or household purposes - has or recently had a financial product with us, such as a mortgage loan.

Here are other terms we will use in this disclosure:

We means , its affiliates, and fictitious names headquartered in Stevensville, MD at  102 St. Claire Place, Suite 101-A.

Information means nonpublic personal information that generally means:
1. information that can identify you
2. information that is not available publicly and
3. information that we collect in connection with providing a financial product or service to you.
We will use the word information to mean nonpublic personal information.

Affiliates are companies that are related to one another by ownership, common ownership, or control.  For example, if one company owns or controls another company, they are affiliates of one another.

Nonaffiliate means a company that is not an affiliate of another company, and it also means a person who is not an employee of a company.

Opt Out means a choice a person can make (in certain cases) to prevent a financial institution from sharing information about that person with others (You do not have a right to opt out because we do not share information about you for marketing purposes).

Joint Accounts
If you have a joint account with us (i.e. you are, or there is, a co-borrower on your loan), you should share this notice with the person who shares your account.  He or she may not get a separate notice.

Sources for Information
We collect information about you from the following sources:
 Information you might provide us on applications and other forms
 Information about transactions we might conduct for you
 Information about your transactions with non-affiliated third parties 
 Information from consumer reporting agencies

Our Privacy Policy


Former Customers
We have the same policy against disclosing information about former customers as we do about current customers.

We restrict access to the information we have about you to those employees who need to know that information to provide products or services to you.  We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard your nonpublic personal information (we are required to do so by federal regulations).

We can change this policy at any time without notice, as posted on the internet.


More:  does NOT sell your name, phone number or address to any other company for marketing purposes.  Period.

If we are NOT licensed in your state, we do attempt to help borrowers accomplish their goals by forwarding inquiries, leads and emails to other  lenders or mortgage companies who may be licensed in that particular state.

Users of this web site understand that has no control over other said lenders or mortgage companies with regard to any statements, promises, commitments, privacy issues, etc. which they may make to the applicant.   Borrower/ Applicant therefor agrees to and hereby waives any right which they may have against Consolidated Mortgage , its agents and or employees as a result of the failure of such others to comply with any of the said statements, promises, commitments, errors or omissions, privacy issues, etc. and hereby agrees to hold Consolidated Mortgage , its agents and or employees free and harmless therefrom.

We do reserve the right to sell, assign or transfer your loan or the  servicing of your loan.  The original loan terms**  as described in your original closing documents will never change during the life of that particular loan.  Transfering or selling the servicing of mortgage loans is very common and does NOT have a negative impact on the borrowers credit.   You will receive a Servicing Disclosure Statement after you apply for your loan, in which you will be advised of our intention to hold, sell or transfer your loan based on the loan program for which you have applied.  **The original loan terms at your closing (program; interest rate if fixed, or rate adjustments if adjustable rate;  term in years; etc.) will NEVER change (during the life of that loan), no matter where you may be required to mail future payments.

Any questions please Email or call Burt Jamison

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